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Thank you SOOOOO much for helping me on my personal road to wellness.

With a back that is very strong (for a 62 year old woman) and knees that no longer hurt from a 2" out-of-line pelvis and a mind that is clear, with the energy and drive to work hard around the house. . . THIS is not the same person that entered your office months ago!  Your support with my frame as well as with my quest to find out what nutrition will work for this body--WOW!  You've really changed my life.

Another thing I say to everyone I tell verbally about you:  All "custom" orthotics are NOT the same!  I've had the mold-your-foot type and they really were not impressive.  THEN I went to Dr. Aker who has the latest high tech equipment (computer linked to mat that scientifically measures my foot contours and the pressure of how I walk, measured by a physical therapist and then interpreted by the doctor.) NOW I use my orthotics DAILY because they have corrected my whole body. AND they cost the same or less than the mold-to-your-foot kind. I get on my "orthotic soapbox" regularly and tell people that it is worth the trip to Blue Hill to get this done! 
Bless you all and thank you for your continued positive influence on my life.
B. E.

My husband, 1 ½ yr old son Tyrell, and I were visiting my family in Maine recently. The day before we had to fly back home Tyrell flipped over the arm of a chair, snapped his neck and back backwards, and landed in a crying heap on the floor. We comforted him and within minutes he appeared back to normal. Three hours later, though, after his nap, something was definitely wrong. He lay listlessly on the bed, broken by random bursts of screaming and thrashing. Nothing seemed to comfort him, and he didn’t want to be touched – not normal for our happy, cuddly, little man. We applied some soothing essential oils which really helped to focus him and relieve some pain – enough to be interested in toys, but he was still not right.

My mom called Dr. Sarah and we consulted over the phone. It was after business hours, and my parents live 15 minutes away from the office. Nevertheless after hearing our concern, Dr. Sarah insisted on making a home visit to see what she could do to improve his condition. She soon arrived, and her open, gentle, and professional manner instantly put us at ease. Tyrell, usually skeptical of strangers, seemed to know she was there to help him and responded beautifully. Dr. Sarah explained his diagnosis and exactly what she would do and why. She was so sensitive with Tyrell and talked him through each step. Within minutes of adjusting him our baby was back! All the rest of the evening he sang, smiled, laughed, and ran around! We were blown away! He had no trouble traveling the next day, and was cheerful, happy, and pain free!


What a blessing Dr. Sarah was! Not only through her effective and professional care, but also through her compassion and willingness to go above and beyond to help our little man. We are continuing chiropractic care for him at home to continue his healing. I can’t imagine what we would have done, though, without Dr. Sarah to treat him at the time of his accident. We are so thankful! We recommend her to any parent seeking the best care for their children.

Elise, Justin, and Tyrell Burnett

Whitefish, Montana 

 Our son was struggling terribly in first grade. He was having difficulty following directions, sitting still, reasoning through problems and generally focusing in class. School officials wanted to keep him from moving on to second grade and were urging us to medicate him. There were many reasons why we resisted this, not the least of which was the fact that a common side effect is slow growth - an issue we were already dealing with as our son was also quite small for his age.

I started researching non-pharmaceutical treatments for ADD and came across information that indicated chiropractic treatment could be helpful. I immediately scheduled an appointment with Dr. Aker and am SO glad I did. Through a combination of adjustments, dietary changes and supplements our son has made amazing strides. He is thriving in second grade and is now enjoying school and learning new things. His ability to focus and follow multi-step directions is much improved and he has jumped several reading levels in the past few months.

One of the things that impressed me most about Dr. Aker's approach was that he looked at our son as a whole person - not just a set of symptoms. He worked with us to find solutions that would not only address the attention and learning issues but also the growth issues. I am happy to say that our son has seen improvements in this growth rate as well. Dr. Aker was able to explain our son's issues in a way that made so much sense and established a wonderful rapport with our little guy as well. I am so pleased that we stood our ground and were able to find such a dedicated team as we did at Wellness Chiropractic to help our son without resorting to medication.

Susan W. - Blue Hill