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I am very concerned about the changes I have seen in the health of my neighbors over the past 30 years.  But I understand that there is so much information out there on food and diet and supplements that it is often easier to do nothing than to try to figure out what you should do to help yourself stay healthier. 

I think that a logical first step is to help yourself at least improve digestive function so you get more nourishment from the food you are eating.  Another important effect of a healthy gut is to support your immune system which is what protects your body from many illnesses. Let’s learn a little more about why probiotic supplements are important. 

First of all, your digestive system relies on the ability of micro-organisms to break down your food into components usable as nutrition for your body. Secondly, these micro-organisms are essential in regulating your immune system so that your defenses against chronic illnesses, including cancer are kept strong.  Unfortunately you consume about a million times less micro-organisms with your food now than your pre-historic cousins.  That is important since eating micro-organisms is how you charge your digestive system and keep it healthy.  You live in a sterilized environment.  Most of your food is cooked or processed and many commercial foods are actually required to be sterilized prior to your purchasing them.  Without proper micro-organisms, your digestion and, most importantly, your immune system cannot work properly.

Did you know that 75% of your immune system is in the mucosa of your digestive tract?

If you are like me, you have long been aware that the mucosal lining of the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and colon is fully equipped to serve as  your first line of defense against microbial pathogens. But only in the last few years have I come to appreciate the gut as the master control center of the immune system.

The gut immune system has profound effects on your nervous system and your hormone system, and it helps regulate the balance of these three systems. 

So --- if the GI tract regulates the immune system, and the immune system is the keystone in eliminating the STRESS on the immune/nervous/hormone systems that can cause chronic disease and dysfunction --- then, how important is it to restore and maintain ideal gut function? It is not just important, it is essential as the foundation to restoring or maintaining health.

Immuno-Synbiotic will have a life-changing impact on your health and that of your family. The scientific literature shows that without question there are 3 prebiotics and 2 probiotics that stand far above the rest in reducing immune/nervous/hormone system stresses.  These are the ingredients in Immuno-Synbiotic.  It is the first step on a path to getting stronger and healthier. 

You start with three Immuno-Synbiotic before breakfast and three before your evening meal for the first bottle; then two before these meals for the second bottle and then one before these meals for a third bottle. One bottle of Immuno-Synbiotic should be then taken at least once every year to maintain digestive health and a stronger, longer life.  Immuno-Synbiotic is safe for children and can strengthen their immune systems and help them absorb more nutrients from the food they eat. Children should take two before these same meals for a first bottle and then one before these meals for a second bottle.  The capsules can be opened and mixed with a bit of applesauce or the like if they cannot swallow the capsule.  If you have a very young child, we can provide you with additional information on how to help relieve colic, constipation, etc., with probiotics.

You do not have to be a patient to benefit from this remarkable probiotic supplement. Just stop by the office or give us a call to learn more or to find out how you can purchase this supplement for you and your family.  Fortunately it is a powerful product, not a very expensive one.

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