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Summer Fun & Safer Sunscreen

by Gisele Bridges

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Survive the Snack Attack

by Dr. Michael Aker

In my wellness consultations I find myself in discussions about the many common maladies that seem to afflict us.  Over the many years that I have done this I have observed a common malady that significantly promotes these illnesses. It is a bug that has infected nearly everyone.  

It is called THE SNACK ATTACK.

The suffering inflicted upon the countless victims of this bug are all caused by INSULIN.  You see, excess insulin is a causative factor in:

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Back to School, Richard III, and Chiropractic

by Dr. Jenny Talbert

Back to School, Richard III, and Chiropractic, by Dr. Jenny Talbert | Wellness ChiropracticGoing back to school always brings back some very fond memories of buying school supplies, getting new sneakers, and wondering about my new teachers.  

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Adjustments + Jaw Pain

Adjustments + Jaw Pain by Dr. Michael Aker | Wellness Chiropractic (October 2014)Things are not always what they seem to be. 

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Chiropractic Care for All Ages

I love the different conversations that are sparked in the waiting room as the flow of people moves through our office. I particularly enjoy it when the parents of the children that I care for explain to other patients the benefits that their family has with chiropractic care. It is this sharing that builds community and broadens the understanding of the many benefits that chiropractic has for the entire family.   

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Why Am I A Chiropractor?

I have been asked this question throughout my entire career, and I always seemed to have an extremely thorough response:

Sometimes I would focus on the Central Nervous System and how this is the master controller of your entire body.

Sometimes I would talk about the above, down, and inside out philosophy when it comes to your health.

Sometimes I would introduce how the body is a self-healing and self-regulating organism.

All of these responses seemed to capture the essence of why I am a Chiropractor, but then I started thinking…

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